Hello! I love everything you do. I once worked for an India company and this great cook made cauliflower with cardamom pods and with some kind a reddish coating. I’ve been trying to find this recipe for years or at least something close. Any ideas of what this might be?

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almost 2 years

Good morning (I think!). Yes, I would think dry as it didn’t have a sauce. Thanks for your response — I will try Tandoori and Manchurian recipes!! I think your posts are amazing!

Hari Ghotra
almost 2 years

Was it a dry dish? Sounds like either a tandoori type dry marinade or manchurian @jocort1449

Jo dunn
almost 2 years

I only know Aloo Gobi and Gobi Masallum, both Hari Ghotra recipes. Have you had a look on the recipe section on this app? @jocort1449