IMG_2682.JPG Omelette with bried potato & truffle 😉 Thank you, my decades long curiosity satisfied. It smells more than tastes. The aroma lingers, it put me on my mettle as a cook. The recipe, though I say so myself, was good. I would’ve been happier to have added mushroom and a little garlic, with parsley and perhaps chilli. But was restrained by the need not to overwhelm the truffle. The filthy rich I think, can keep it at those prices. 😁 I’ve read that the pheromone emitted by the fungi is the same as that of boars. Hence the use of sows to hunt it. It is also produced by men in their underarm. 😁 it’s a unique aroma alright and on reflection I think that story holds up. Perhaps we should strap eggs to our underarms for a day for an economic alternative😉👍

Posted by ediblegarden at 2019-06-25 10:32:56 UTC