Happy Independence Day to all my lovely American followers. How will you be celebrating?

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Mark Harvey
almost 2 years

congratulations to all our friends over the pond 🇺🇸🌶🤩

Andrew Cockburn
almost 2 years

Happy 4th! I’m thinking of doing Tandoori Chicken on the BBQ!

almost 2 years

Happy 4th July. We will be joining British and American friends for a BBQ. Wine is chilling and brownies are in the oven for going on fruit kebabs later. Enjoy the day off.

almost 2 years

@Hari Ghotra ❤hello
happy independence day to everybody. will invite my neighbor friends over to Hari's recipe of the week. bought some frozen cod. will update.❤
❤happy 4th everybody, be safe and mindful! ❤❤🐴🐴🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🍻🤗❤