This is me having a chat with a few turkeys 🦃 today! So funny 😆 but it was an amazing experience to see how our Christmas turkeys are produced.
I love KellyBronze turkeys they have the best flavour and are reared with such love and care!
Food isn’t just about cooking it’s about the whole process. If you want to find out more about how these are reared and why you get such a great flavour from them then have a read of my blog.

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about 1 year


Hari Ghotra
over 1 year

@Margaret Ravel you can order them directly from Kelly bronze or your butcher. They take much less time to cook, stay moist and taste great because they are reared for the correct amount of time which allows the bird to lay its muscle and fat properly. Have a look at my blog for all the details and there are links too.

Margaret Ravel
over 1 year

😂 where do you buy them order them for Christmas?

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Such a turkey 🦃 😂

over 1 year

blblblblbllllll❤ so it 😊😉😄🤣😂

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