Good morning to each and every one of you wonderful #hariscurrycrew members. I hope you are all ok and looking forward to the weekend.
Well, I have some news I want to share with you all so over the next few days I will be dropping you a few little clues to see if you can guess what’s going on.
Clue number one:

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almost 2 years have my backup spices sorted by color: red, green, brown and reminds me on :
kashmiri chili, aleppo pepper, paprika, cayenne, and a bunch of other spices...

almost 2 years

Sounds exciting look forward to your clues.

almost 2 years

Moving to China? 🇨🇳

Susan Mccalman
almost 2 years


almost 2 years

are you going to Kashmir to do a culnery TV series????🤔🤔

Mark Harvey
almost 2 years

you're opening a curry house/ coffee shop in the Netherlands 🤔

almost 2 years

xmas curry

almost 2 years

You’ve converted to Anarcho-Communism?

Arthur vdH
almost 2 years

Well, colour me intrigued!