Moong masoor di dhal and chicken liver curry. The dhal is @Hari Ghotra ‘s recipe. I got the recipe for the chicken liver curry from . It’s interesting to see a different method of making the masala. And I think that people will give me a wide berth tomorrow with all that garlic! 😄

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over 1 year

Looks really good, love your combinations and presentation @Arthur vdH 👌

Mark Harvey
over 1 year

stunning dish as always @Arthur vdH

Got a vege round next week so I reckon you've given me a prompt on the dhal 😍🌶🤗

over 1 year

Looks great @Arthur vdH, chicken livers yummy! 😊

over 1 year

@Arthur vdH gd morning! read the liver recipe. sounds very nice gotta have to try it...thank you for sharing. your dish looks very yummi❤😊

Jo dunn
over 1 year

Sounds breathtaking @Arthur vdH! Looks great!! 💕