Hi Hari, I have a 14 month old that seems to like food with a bit more spice. What recipes work well for a toddler?

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Jennie Franklin
almost 4 years

Fab, thanks both

Hari Ghotra
almost 4 years

Hey @Jennie Franklin I am impressed with your little one!! Yes just as @royston.dutton said. As they get older they can have anything just tame the chilli. Euthbthe little one initially take the chilli out completely until they get used to the spices and reduce the garlic and ginger too. Red lentil dhal http://www.harighotra.co.uk/red-lentil-dhal-recipe is a great one - full of protein and easy for them to digest. You can mix it up with rice too. Try the nariyal chicken http://www.harighotra.co.uk/nariyal-chicken-recipe too its a light and you can whizz it up again just hold back on the chilli while he's little. Does that help?

almost 4 years

Hi Jennie
My youngest daughter who is 8 is a chilly head 😂 we cook any type of curries for our girls just reduce the chilly a little.
Cheers Royston