Hi Hari and to everyone.

Been following you all for a while and decided to say hello. I’ve been cooking curries for about 22 years and love, love , love using spices and creating traditional curries. I have learnt from home cooks , indian and pakistani and use Madhur Jaffrey and more recently Rick Stein who has some great authentic recipes. I am very happy to have found you Hari and I hope to be trying out some of your curries very soon. At the moment it is far too hot here. I live in Italy so I stock up on stuff whenever I get back to the UK at a great shop in Crawley that also deliver to the EU as we are limited on what we can buy here even in the indian shops which are few and far between!

Happy cooking everyone.

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Jo dunn
12 days

Wonderful @Debbie Gorman 💕

Hari Ghotra
13 days

Crazy right @Debbie Gorman

Debbie Gorman
13 days

This small world just keeps getting smaller!

Hari Ghotra
14 days

Hi @Debbie Gorman welcome and thank you for saying hello! Wow the shop in Crawley is my local Indian shop so let me know when you are next here. Can’t wait to see your dishes when you cook them!