I hope you have all had a wonderful week and are all geared up for a lovely long weekend. We are just winding down and cooking some piri piri chicken on this very cool outdoor stove. Has anyone tried my piri piri sauce?
So what are we all up to this August bank holiday weekend? Fishing, bbqs, camping.......tell me what you are up to.

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Jo dunn
over 1 year

@Hari Ghotra

over 1 year

What is on my wish list is a party sized outdoor fire paella pan. So I’m a bit envious Hari, but could’ve bigger 😂

Hari Ghotra
over 1 year

A month in France 🇫🇷???? You lucky bean @Craig Endeacott - so have you had a curry yet?

Craig Endeacott
over 1 year

Getting ready to fly back from a month in South of France. Dying for a curry and ice cold cider 😂

over 1 year

Going out for a Indian meal. Enjoy your chicken. I’ve not tried your piri piri sauce.

over 1 year

nothing much just a bit of preparation for celebrating my big birthday on Tuesday 50+10 😶

Dave Hughes
over 1 year

I’ll be doing the mustard oil to add to your lime pickle 😁 amongst other things👍

over 1 year

That’s a serious bit of kit 😳 I’ll bring over my chicken tikka for 30 people round. Will be a lot quicker 😂