The recipe of the week is a lovely veggie dish made with spiced potatoes, dipped in a chickpea batter and fried. Aloo tikki are a classic street food dish that you can have as a snack or with a salad or with chana masala or even in a burger.
Have you tried cooking these before? If you have what do you think - let me know in the comments below. Happy 4 day week guys!

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Jo dunn
over 1 year

Ooh you DON'T want to buy store chutney!!!!! 😳 🙈 @ediblegarden when @Hari Ghotra has lots of superb recipes😋 Spiced Tomato Chutney is fab! Do try it 💕

over 1 year

Well that’s one that I’ll have to comply with as they’re my favourite thing. I tell you what though, this time I’ll rise to the bait and make a chutney instead of piling out with a store bought😁