Loved the chicken jalfrezi recipe - here with rice, onion bhaji and daal makhani

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over 3 years

Looks delish! I've never heard of a daal makhani - but it sounds amazing. @Hari Ghotra , do you have a recipe somewhere for this ? Thank you :)

over 3 years

Looks great Dave

Indian Dave
over 3 years

Sorry none left! Recipe was easy to follow and timings good so I could chop veg for the stir fry bit and prep the garnish while the chicken was cooking and the sauce thickening. Looking forward to my next one…

over 3 years

blimey 🌶️💥

Hari Ghotra
over 3 years

Loving the look of that!! I'll be round in 10 minutes. Did you find the recipe easy to follow?