Hi @Hari Ghotra and friends, Hari you said in your Samosas video that everyone has a story about making Samosas. Well you may remember a week or so ago I made my very first batch, about 24 actually. Froze half of them and the others were to take on our weeks holiday break . After arriving at our destination and unpacking everything, my wife said to me where’s the red bag ( with the Samosas in ) I said there’s no red bag in the car. Then she realized she’d left them in the kitchen. 😢😢😢 Had to phone my brother in law to go around to ours ( he’s got the key ) and take them home, save them going off . He sent a text later and said how lovely they were. Back home now and tomorrow I can thaw out and cook the rest. Can’t wait 🤗😋😋

Posted by Bill at 2019-09-15 11:47:48 UTC