Happy Monday I hope you are all well.
I have really enjoyed the posts this week and its great to welcome so many new users!.
I've decided that this weeks #recipeoftheweek is a unique home style gram flour and yoghurt curry that is loved in the Punjab region. It's a bright yellow, tangy flavoured curry, seasoned with methi and filled with vegetable pakora to soak up the curry - yep it's my Kharee and I love it!!
Are you going to try it?

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about 1 month

Looks fabulous

Jo dunn
about 1 month

Definitely! 👩‍🍳💕

about 1 month

Yes definitely and I need to catch up on the shakshuka too.

about 1 month

Oohh that’s comfort food at home ☺️

about 1 month

I‘ll be trying that🤗😋