Hi @hariscurrycrew I hope you have all had a great weekend - mine was crazy! I have just got back from Cornwall after a great food festival, cooking with lots of great chefs including an on the spot dinner for 50 people - eeekkkk!! I did a 12 hour slow cooked spiced lamb leg for each table with Bombay potatoes, naan, red onion kachumber and pomegranate raita with pakora.
Anyway, on to more important things and this weeks #recipeoftheweek - It's the first day of autumn and I know how you love a chutney so lets get seasonal and stock up for winter with this courgette chutney. Great as a side, a dip and even on a cheese board.
Give me a thumbs up below if you will be trying it.

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ian hume
24 days

You are beautiful

27 days

Looks lovely just been shopping for supplies.

Debbie Gorman
29 days

Definitely be trying this.

about 1 month

welcome back dear

Hari Ghotra
about 1 month

@Simon Bloyce if they are older with big seeds you can peel and de seed but younger ones use the whole thing.

Jo dunn
about 1 month

Yes, I'll try it

@Hari Ghotra

about 1 month

Definitely trying this. My allotment is still providing plenty of courgettes. Thanks Hari.

about 1 month

omg wish I was there

Simon Bloyce
about 1 month

Looks great - do you deseed the larger courgettes/marrow or chop up the whole?