Chicken biryani, red lentil dhal and courgette chutney #recipeoftheweek with naan last night. Thank you Hari we loved it and especially the chutney.

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22 days

Thank you @Andrew Cockburn.

Andrew Cockburn
22 days

I get hungry every tine you post a pic @traceyross

24 days

Thank you @Jo dunn @Bill @Hari Ghotra for your comments it was very nice and had the same again last night.

Hari Ghotra
25 days

Looks wonderful and thanks for trying the #recipeoftheweek @traceyross

25 days

Wow, I must say @traceyross , you know how to push the boat out. Well done 👍

Jo dunn
26 days

Lovely @traceyross 👏👏👏