Simple pork Coorg Pandi tonight, added mushrooms 🍄 as had excess! And leftovers for work dinners 👍👍 🙌

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Hari Ghotra
9 months

I love leftovers sooooo much @andrewsherman #happiness

10 months

Looks great @andrewsherman pork is lovely curried.

10 months

@Mark Harvey thank you, this is tenderloin cut into medallions. @Billy Conroy that happens to me, I have a separate small office and I always get ‘complaints’ about the lovely smell. This’ll be really garlicky today!

Billy Conroy
10 months

Nothing like curried left overs for lunch @andrewsherman , I drive my co workers mad with jealousy some weeks with the aroma.

Mark Harvey
10 months

Really like this one, I normally use loin of pork. yours looks spot on @andrewsherman 🌶🤩