It's Friday which mean curry night!! What you guys cooking tonight? I've got spicy wings and masala fries. If you need any help with anything give me a shout - I'm around for the next hour!

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over 3 years

I was going to make your vindaloo @Hari Ghotra but I had some chicken Tikka so chicken Tikka vindaloo it was

Hari Ghotra
over 3 years

Hey @Nick Chowdrey how's it going? You can crush any whole spice there are no rules. Some are more robust and require a grinder where as others you can crush easily in a pestle and mortar. It really depends on the dish you want to create. Does that help?

Nick Chowdrey
over 3 years

I have a question! Which whole spices should you crush and which shouldn't you?