Aloo Tikki and my first (spicy tomato) chutney. The chutney, I’m making a lot of it 😁, is still reducing on the stove, but it tastes great. Thank you Hari 👍

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Hari Ghotra
10 days

Love this chutney so lovely to see it being cooked across the globe @ediblegarden thanks so much for trying it!

13 days

Thank you for your kindnesses. It’s true, the tomato chutney is addictive, fortunately supplies are good at this stage 😁

13 days

Yum looks great @ediblegarden

Mark Harvey
14 days

perfect combination @ediblegarden 🥔🌶🍅😍😍

Jo dunn
14 days

Caution! Hari's spiced tomato chutney🍅🌶 is addictive @ediblegarden 🤣😂
Love your aloo tikki. Great pic too ✔💕