I’m so sorry I haven’t been commenting on the pictures you have posted but I have been having a few issues but I think I am back so I will check them all out! Thank to everyone for posting!
Another busy week ahead - I’m heading to NYC to eat myself silly so if you have any recommendations let me know below!

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8 months

Hello from NYC. If you are still here I would recommend a few places. Eataly on 23 street and Fifth Ave, checkout Kalustyan store on Lexington and Katz Delicatessen. Check out Miznon’s cauliflower at Chelsea market stroll up High Line to the Vessel and enjoy the Mercado Spanish market.

Rinki Dey
9 months

If you are still there try visiting the kati roll company they have few locations around the city.

Debbie Gorman
9 months

Safe flight and enjoy. Is this work or pleasure?

Andrew Cockburn
9 months

We live just 40 miles north of NYC! No recommendations unless you want to take a trip into Connecticut:)

9 months

Have fun in NYC @Hari Ghotra
We used to live in Upstate NY so these were our favourite places.
Buddakhan in the Meatpacking District for Asian fusion food. Gallagher’s Steakhouse just off Times Square. If you want cocktails with an old school NY vibe then then the bar on the top floor of the Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District is amazing for views of the city. It’s very classy/trendy.

9 months

Watch the road! x

Jim ferguson
9 months

Enjoy your trip

Rajeena Loyal
9 months

Obao is a fave of ours!

9 months

Have fun hari 😁