New one for me - Chicken Madras. Taste explosion - may be new favourite. Big batch for freezer here we come! That will make 5 options in the freezer - love having that choice. Thanks @Hari Ghotra . I used Tamarind paste instead of pulp / worked out great.

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Mark Harvey
over 1 year

definitely one of my go to recipes too @day_kate 🌶😋

Hari Ghotra
over 1 year

Yum @day_kate do love a madras!

over 1 year

Madras was exceptional @Jo dunn - made with chicken thighs.

Jo dunn
over 1 year

Looks really good @day_kate ! I've never made Madras, tho I do have a Hari kit for it somewhere? Your veggies look scrummy 💕

over 1 year

That looks gorgeous @day_kate you have a well stocked freezer. Well done.👌