Happy Friday - here’s one for you chilli 🌶 lovers


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Hmmmm hahaha

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😂 wow 😮

Damian Green
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I’ve noticed it’s only men so far commenting lol !?? I lost my virginity when I was in my teens (to a European girl who loved spicy food), I found it again when I got married (to someone who didn’t do spice heat at all) and now with Sue (who childishly turns spicing each other’s food up, a game) things couldn’t be spicier 🥰 So I concur Dr @Hari Ghotra there could be something even better for dessert other than a Kulfi after a hot Curry! 👍👍👍🙈👅🙉🙈🦆🦅🐝🐝🐝

Mark Harvey
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How true 🌶🤗