Anyone else feeling the cold?
I do love this time of year, snuggly jumpers, wood fires and soup! Did you know that Shorba or Indian soups are sold from carts in India to warm you up in the winter months. They tend to be more like warming broths but if you prefer a thick nutritious soup then here is my cauliflower and cumin soup. Thick delicious and just what you want as we move into the long, dark evenings - It's my #recipeoftheweek

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Susan Geist
8 days

Thanks for this @Hari Ghotra A big hit here, will make it again (and will take a photo). I used too big a pepper 🌶️ for my taste, but the males in my household vehemently disagreed, and have asked for a repeat. Such a quick, easy, delicious recipe!

13 days

Looks delicious @Hari Ghotra do love soup.

14 days

Think I’ll give that a try

Arthur vdH
14 days

Ooh, that looks warmly inviting @Hari Ghotra !