Happy Thanksgiving to all those over the pond and everyone celebrating with a Turkey 🦃 dinner tonight! I’m giving thanks for having such a wonderfully diverse group of people on this app who come together and share love and kindness through food! Stay blessed 🙏🏽 and stay happy 😃

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over 1 year

@Hari Ghotra thank you belated to everybody on here...made a smoked turkey, green bean casserole, stuffing, candid yams and cranberries....❤❤❤👻❤❤❤

over 1 year

Thank you Hari, you too

over 1 year

Thank you @Hari Ghotra, I definitely need a pair of those pants!

Andrew Cockburn
over 1 year

Thanks @Hari Ghotra - Turkey Korma this weekend to use up the leftovers!

over 1 year

@Hari Ghotra thank you very much for sharing all those wonderful dishes.

Pat Cat
over 1 year

Thank you so much