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19 days

Brilliant @Hari Ghotra

Hari Ghotra
20 days

Haha 😆 been working with them for a while to get my recipes on the fridge panels - really cool right? @Damian Green - nice spot!

Arthur vdH
20 days

Ha ha! That is awesome @Damian Green ! We all know @Hari Ghotra is cool, but this is one step beyond!

Damian Green
20 days

@Hari Ghotra I was in Curry’s yesterday looking at foodie Tech and I came across a £3k Fridge/Freezer with a touch sensitive 28inch screen built into the door which let you do a whole host of things including seeing inside your fridge without opening the door and even remotely from the supermarket on you mobile?? It had a recipe function based on what was in the fridge, and it told you which ingredients you needed to buy since they were not in the fridge. When I went to the recipe ‘home screen’ have a guess who popped up!??????? Bloody @Hari Ghotra lol