Kale, potato and chickpea curry. Basically the ‘stamppot’ version of sholay saag. I guess that would make it aloo sholay saag then? :-)

I cooked the chickpeas myself in a pressure cooker (not tinned), and added quartered baby potatoes halfway. I added the potatoes together with the chickpeas.

All in the name of leisureful early new year’s days: this saves me from cooking a separate carbs dish :-)

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Mark Harvey
15 days

More inspired ideas @Arthur vdH I see 🌶👨‍🍳🧐

19 days

Looks lovely with the potatoes in @Arthur vdH

Hari Ghotra
20 days

Lovely dish @Arthur vdH and thanks for sharing your cooking and beautiful dishes with us! Looks delicious and yes aloo sholay saag it is!!

Arthur vdH
20 days

They must be cooked. Dried chickpeas are always raw. You can cook them with or without soaking. Without soaking they take ~45 mins in a pressure cooker. If you put them in water the night before, then they take only 15 minutes.

20 days

@Arthur vdH i never cooked w chickpeas. how do u cook w them? i have some i think they r tried- how do you prep them? soak in water or cook?

20 days

looks so beautiful and healthy. like an edible painting.❤