thieves in my garden cought right handed.

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Mark Harvey
over 1 year

I sometimes get foxes 🦊🤣

over 1 year

Is that deer @hvondrus we have loads too, during the day they walk past our house/garden.

over 1 year

@Arthur vdH my freezer is full w elk, deer, wild boar, buffalo, beef, chicken, some salmon, red snapper, squid. i am having bambi today. probably do some bambi jerky. they are not in season except bowhunters or specisl tags...i covered up my remining shrubs w trashbags so deer cannot eat my planties...

Hari Ghotra
over 1 year

😂 @Arthur vdH

Arthur vdH
over 1 year

Catch and stew I’d say @hvondrus .