Hiya Hari, I can't seem to find pure mustard oil anywhere in any shops at the moment, I'm attempting to make your Rogan Josh using your spice kit, could I use a combination of extra virgin olive oil and mustard seads instead do you think?

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about 1 year

Excellent I'll check it out thank you

Sue Geen
about 1 year

in UK pure mustard oil is not certified for human consumption. however KTC do a rapeseed/mustard oil blend that is. Morrison's sell this. @terry.dowsing

about 1 year

I just use mustard powder with Rape Seed oil 👍🏻

Hari Ghotra | Admin
about 1 year

I wouldn't worry too much, just use what you have! The mustard oil does give a great bite to the dish, but just use what you have available. If you have vegetable oil, that tends nowadays to be rapeseed oil which would be better than olive oil!

Can't wait to see the pictures and what you think of my kits!