Where is Jo Dunn ? Haven’t seen any posts from her for a long time.

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Arthur vdH
12 days

Great @Sue Geen !

Sue Geen
13 days

I'm seeing her tomorrow. I'll tell her she's missed!

Hari Ghotra
14 days

I’m not sure either are you still with us @Jo Dunn or have you moved on. The crew are missing you! Hope you are ok x

Arthur vdH
14 days

The last post I could find, she was cooking a turkey. And if she really followed that recipe, that might explain why we haven’t heard from her since :-) But I seem to remember her complaining that she had severe problems with the app on her phone. It acts up on mine sometimes too. Maybe she gave up trying to get it to work.

14 days

I was thinking the same thing!