Hi Guys,
Anyone made the Gol Guppa. One of my favourite street foods so thought I’d give it a go next weekend but a bit confused by one of the instructions in the method. Could someone give me some guidance please. Not sure how thick the circles need to be. I suspect it’s 1.5 ‘mm instead of 1.5cm or am I reading this wrong. Thanks

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about 1 year

Thanks guys

Hari Ghotra
about 1 year

Yup that’s not right is it @harv.azad they need to be thin like a roti - I will amend that. Thanks for pointing it out!

Arthur vdH
about 1 year

I agree that it should be 1.5mm, @harv.azad . 1.5cm thick by 5-6cm diameter is not a “thin circle”. That’s a hockey puck. Also, the sheet needs to blow up into a hollow crisp in the hot oil. That won’t happen with 1.5cm of dough.