Hi Hari, I have a full roast beef joint (already roasted) that I want to make a curry with. What's the best way to cook it and get some moisture back in it as I'm worried it will just stay dry?

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over 3 years

Thanks @Hari Ghotra , that gives me some ideas. My wife likes 'saucy' curries so I might try the makhani idea. Cheers!

Hari Ghotra
over 3 years

Hi @mancdaz there are a few hints you could do. Depending on the type of curry you want. Either cook a nice rich creamy sauce something like s makhani and cut the meat up and simmer it through or you could do a rogan sauce and add the meat leave to simmer and shred it into the sauce. I sometimes also make a fragrant broth with cardamom cloves bay cumin beef stock slice the meat thinly and simmer then add to a masala or pour masala over the meat. Does this help?