A crazy day yesterday - 8 course taster menu celebrating the humble potato 🥔
I made gol guppa filled with spicy potato and pomegranate with spiced mint water, samosa and potato pakora. So much fun!!
What is your favourite Indian aloo dish?

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Homegirl 🌺
about 1 year

Aloo Gobi and Saag Aloo would have to be my favourite Aloo dishes. 😊😊

Iain Wallington
about 1 year

looking awesome wow.

about 1 year


about 1 year

Looks amazing @Hari Ghotra. It would have to be Bombay aloo.

about 1 year

Aloo ghobi saag, with king prawn puree 😋 😋😋

about 1 year

Very nice well done 👍

Dean Peckham
about 1 year

Looks good 👍

about 1 year

I love the plating too - something I’m crapola at 😩
Looks like you are right in your element @Hari Ghotra

about 1 year

@Hari Ghotra pakoras all the way.

Kevin Gantley
about 1 year

looks amazing x

Gary Charles
about 1 year

looks tasty chef👍