Got a package from my sister today,
She’s backpacking in India again (lucky thing)
Now @Hari Ghotra there’s something’s I’m not sure of or how I might use,please help.😊
Rasam powder
Sambar powder
And a fish masala
Any help would be welcome 😊

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about 1 year

Nice looking present there @Jonathan Crewgee hope you enjoy cooking with them.

about 1 year

Ok cool, thank you @Hari Ghotra
I shall experiment
I was hoping for some saffron but
Not in this package 😊

Hari Ghotra
about 1 year

These are all blends that they make up for certain dishes. Rasam powder is used in a spicy soup - I have a recipe for that same with sambar - I have a recipe for that too.
Fish masala you can use as a marinade for fish. These are all blends so you can really use them how ever you want. Try them see if you like them and use them as marinades, dry rubs, add to you curry dishes too @Jonathan Crewgee

about 1 year

Thanks @Arthur vdH I’ll try and find it

Arthur vdH
about 1 year

There’s a recipe using sambar powder in @Hari Ghotra ‘s updates. I think last November or thereabout.