It’s so amazing hearing your food stories in the community section and I love to see so many of you trying and enjoying the recipes. Please do keep your stories and pictures coming.
If you’ve not yet said hello please do because it’s wonderful to welcome all newbies to #hariscurrycrew
I’m always trying to make improvements so if you have any ideas on what else you would like to see from me please let me know in the comments below!

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21 days

Yes, agree with @Arthur vdH - just wanted to enlarge @dcmorris27’s recipe above and almost reported her poor innocent little piccie. Other than that and the fact that I have two identities on here (although I can only use this one), fabby app and a pleasure to browse through 🤗

24 days

I love your app @Hari Ghotra and everything you do for us but miss the live cookalongs. I appreciate you are busy and they take a lot of time to organise. Everything you do is first class, I’m not complaining. Hope you enjoy your weekend. I’m just making your burgers.

Hari Ghotra
24 days

I want to see a pic @Ian Ashton

Ian Ashton
24 days

Hi Hari, just cooked chicken biryani while watching the rugby, its now half time, going to tuck in after the game, looks incredible, (❤️ you’re food).

24 days

I agree with @Bill and @Arthur vdH . Otherwise still loving it big time!

Arthur vdH
24 days

Lovely to see you live again @Hari Ghotra ! I hope you enjoy your Saturday off! A suggestion for the app: it would be swell if we could enlarge pictures in comments. We can now zoom in on the picture in the main post. If we tap on a picture in a reply then we are asked whether we want to report the post. No! I just want to examine the picture!

Bobby Royal
24 days

You have already done a video regarding Bitter Melon. If not, I would be interested in your recipe.

24 days

love a recipe for a Katlama please

24 days

Hi Hari, thanks for ya video. Really love the App, my only grumble is that one can only post one photo at a time instead of multiple pics, Like instagram .
Keep up the good work 👍.