Hey Everyone, things are getting pretty strained here in the UK which leads to some crazy behaviour. So I just wanted to say stay safe, take precautions where necessary, get a few extra bits in, wash your hands (soap is fine), don’t touch your face but there is no need to panic or worry. The next couple of weeks may get tricky but stay positive and upbeat, take a look around you - the days are getting longer, spring is definitely springing and all will be well.
To help you out I will share some good old fashioned, wholesome dishes with you so here we go:

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about 1 year

Keep calm and cook.....curry. Hugs and love to all. We will get through this. ♥️

about 1 year

Spring is coming, I saw Pussy Willow out in Merstham today. On the Corona front it has affected 0.0001% of the world population as of yesterday morning

Margaret Ravel
about 1 year

this is a definite for the weekend

Homegirl 🌺
about 1 year

Roll on Friday...Cooking Thari Walee Lamb. Need a good dose of Indian home cooking with all that's going here too in 🇫🇷.. Be careful to you all in England.

Lorraine Hamilton
about 1 year

I dont eat lamb, but am making your Keema recipe tonight with minced beef, made it before and its FAB :)

Mark Harvey
about 1 year

Good choice, I'm doing vegan tomorrow night though. Got a vegan mate over. vegetable danshsk and raajma.