Hi Hari. First time poster... long time fan!

Not sure if this will be the sort of request you hate, but there's an Indian street food place around my neck of the woods which is super popular due to its amazing food.

I'd be interested for you to try your version of the first thing on the menu... Yogurt chat bombs.

Not sure whether to post the link of the restaurant in case it's taboo!


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Alexander Chambers
over 3 years

Thanks Hari.

Link to the restaurant which I'll post separately if you don't mind to see if anyone else has ideas


Hari Ghotra
over 3 years

Hi @Alexander Chambers welcome to the crowd!! Thanks so much for posting and I'm thrilled to hear you love the recipes!! Not at all love all kinds of food chat.
More then happy for you to post a link in all about sharing good food places.