Hi, I haven’t been active here lately, but I am working a lot, especially now that in Italy everything is surreal. I am an architect but supply art teacher too, and keeping a sort of normality with almost 150 students is not easy.
A slice of carrot cake (with home made stencil decoration 😁) trying not to think that I am home alone from about 3 weeks...

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Debbie Gorman
about 1 year

Ann I’m also in Italy. On the tuscan umbrian border. How are you doing? Hard to believe we are in lockdown until easter. Not sure my sanity or that of my friends will last that long!! I know so many people that are cooking cakes and desserts that never do, italians included. I think we we will all need the gym after this. I am sorry you are doing this alone it is no fun. Stay safe stay sane. Sending a virtual hug.

Arthur vdH
about 1 year

You guys have it hard there in Italy. Hang in there! Find comfort in food. And exercise at home. Wouldn’t want to survive corona only to succumb to obesitas, would we? (And yes, the Netherlands is on a partial lockdown too. I have the same problem of much less physical movement than usual.)

Hari Ghotra
about 1 year

This are all a bit crazy so thanks for taking the time @Ann Own - what’s this carrot cake?