Dear all

I just wanted to message you all to see how everyone is doing.
These are super difficult times and I think things are going to get a bit more strange before they get better so I wanted you all to know that although we are not physically together we are a community and we (and I) am here to support you. Yes, we usually talk about food but please do use this forum to share your thoughts and worries – we are in it together and by talking and sharing we will come out the other side. Never has the world felt so small.
Most of you know that I am also in the Airline business which has taken a bit of a hit but on the positive side I find myself with some free time - what I would like to know is how many of you are up for doing the #FridayCurryClub again? I am thinking during the day so we can engage with each other, cook and have some fun - Let me know and I can start planning!

Big love – and stay safe!

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12 months

Watching from Indio, California USA

Hari Ghotra
about 1 year

Thanks you everyone for your amazing responses everyone. I will let you know the plan!

Dave Witts
about 1 year

This is a great idea! Fridays would be difficult for me but I can always watch and follow the recipe on Saturday! Thanks Hari... just wanted to say you’re a great teacher and I’m looking forward to getting involved with this community

about 1 year

Dishes with potatoes would be useful as they seem to be something that are available in the supermarket

about 1 year

Not sure about in the day
I’m still working,for now anyway 😊

Sue Geen
about 1 year

I was wondering about this. but as others have said perhaps Staples, or a base that we could add whatever we have to hand to? xx

Gary Fones
about 1 year

@Hari Ghotra | Admin yes please - some nice vegetarian dishes. Managed to get some red lentils today 😊

about 1 year

Can't do at present but still love you all. Running small business with hubby. Bit tough but we WILL get through this. Remember to be kind and cook. Teaching my son the principal of no waste food 😆♥️

about 1 year

I’ve said yes, but dependent on ‘when in the afternoon’!

about 1 year

The local Indian grocery shop only had red lentils left and was rationing them. Hope everyone stays safe.💞

James Fletcher-Brown
about 1 year

This is a great idea. Although I’ve got mobility issues and can’t take part, I love being involved even just watching. x

about 1 year

Thank you for your kind words @Hari Ghotra hope you are okay.

I would love to do the Friday Curry Club but have bare supermarkets too and online shopping is down.

Arthur vdH
about 1 year

During the day would not be great for me as I still need to work from home. But in the evening: yes!

Maybe, because of what @Mark Harvey says, concentrate on dishes that we could make from mostly pantry staples. Or lentils, as it seems that even in the deepest of crises most people don’t know what to do with them and shun them 😄

about 1 year

that would be great although here in France we are on lockdown so may have all the spices but may not have the meat😕😕 but hey we just love watching and seeing comment and interact. Great idea we have so missed the #fridaycurrynight

Mark Harvey
about 1 year

sounds good, the problem is getting things like meat. all my supermarkets are empty at the moment