Dal Makhani tonight. Very tasty. That’s all the non essential businesses shutdown from tonight in Pennsylvania to try and keep people at home. Just had to get groceries this morning as everything was gone last week. Online grocery shopping has been down for over a week otherwise I would of used it to stay in. Stay safe everyone. Just having a big glass of wine.

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10 days

Very nice @traceyross your rice looks nice and fluffy 😊

11 days

Thank you guys for your kind words @Bill @Gmuflahi @Hari Ghotra hope everyone is okay. 💞

Hari Ghotra
11 days

Enjoy the wine @traceyross I need one too - been a tough week!

11 days

That looks amazing.

11 days

Don’t worry @traceyross make a curry 😉. Keep safe Tracey.