I’m a newbie. I’ve used many of these recipes and now have the app! Not working full time means I have the time to go back to Rowe cooking. I’m sure I’m not alone in that...

I’m looking for a recipe for spicy onions. The one I’ve previously used is from the Ashoka in Glasgow but it’s not as tasty as the ones I’ve had from our amazing Indian restaurant in Aberdeen.

Any suggestions most welcome and thanks in advance.


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Hari Ghotra
5 days

Yes that’s an entirely restaurant made up dip. The recipe you have is pretty much what they do. I’d suggest making my kachumber or tomato chutney as an alternative to try? @Eilidh

Hari Ghotra
6 days

Hi @Eilidh welcome to the app - great to have you join us. Do you mean a spicy onion salad?