I asked @Hari Ghotra last week if I could make chicken thighs tandoori without yogurt. She said yes and wow was she right. They were amazing. I may not go back to using yogurt. With a portion of Murgh Markani sauce (unsieved), pilau rice and garam masala mushrooms - was better than going out to an Indian restaurant - which is just as well at the moment!

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about 1 year

I also don't use yoghurt. Good to see that you can also cook the recipes without it hehe. A few days I did a Chicken Korma using avocado for the marinade and it was lovely

Hari Ghotra
about 1 year

Nice @day_kate the yoghurt works to penetrate further into the meat but also protects if cooking at high temperatures like in a tandoor but I quite often do it like this for a quick fix. Glad it worked out 💪🏽

Lauren Davies
about 1 year

They look so good!