Hello! I’m new on here. I hope you are all well as you can be during this very strange and worrying times ❤️
Our family love curries and have been cooking it for many years. We eat at least one curry a week!
Thank you @Hari Ghotra for your keralan fish curry! Mouth is watering ready for dinner tonight😋😋
Can I ask @Hari Ghotra, your recipe says mustard seeds, is that the yellow or black ones? Many thanks and love to you all x

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about 1 year

Thank you all x

about 1 year

Looks awesome @sau-jing

Hari Ghotra
about 1 year

Hi @sau-jing welcome to the app - you dish looks so delicious 😋 yes as Sue said black or brown - I will amend in the recipe to be clear as we. Thanks 🙏🏽

Sue Geen
about 1 year

use brown or black mustard seeds @sau-jing