Hi I have always loved proper curry and not stuff out of a jar. My other half could not deal with the aroma and having since lost him last October I can now expand my curry intense learning process. I have watched and paused your you tube videos. I have a little question for you. although I like a bit of kick but every single one i cook is a blow your head of curry. I'm now down to adding 1 fresh chilli and a teaspoon of chilli powder. you put like 2 chillies in and a heaped teaspoon. is there another spice that I'm adding that has a toxic heat? garam masala? I used 2 green finger chillies in the beginning. now using 1 and still the same intensity. Amazingly tasty still. Cannot get enough of your tandoori chicken followed to the recipe. veg curry and chicken curry with basmati rice all cooked from scratch in the picture amazing.

Posted by jamiealfa147 at 2020-05-02 16:32:54 UTC