Hey guys it's Zero Waste Week and Food Waste Friday today to remind us about being mindful about how we use ingredients. I hate throwing food away and have come up with this handy eBook full of fun and informative ways to help you shop, cook and store food to help reduce waste. You can download it directly from the app. If you have any tips on reducing food waste then please share them with the community by commenting below - have a great weekend!

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Hari Ghotra
over 3 years

That's a great way to use up veg @Sherri . I think planning meals helps too

over 3 years

Ooh this looks exciting! No matter how little food is left over, I freeze it. I then make sure I cook the dish fairly regularly freezing the leftovers and eventually end up with a whole meal. I grow chillies and freeze them whole just chopping what I need for each dish, and do the same with ginger which I buy in huge lumps and cut into bits before popping in freezer bags. I love inventing ways to use up different dishes and most curries sit beautifully on jacket spuds if I've got potatoes that need using up. I had a soupmaker as a gift recently so I'm having fun throwing leftover veggies in and writing down what works and what definitely doesn't! 🤣