So I have just yesterday stumbled upon this app and I am very glad that I have found it. I have tried the Lamb with Shallots and Lemon Rice today and it turned out pretty tasty. My husband was very delighted by the food. Thank you @Hari Ghotra for the great recipes, I am definitely going to try some more.
Cooking newbie here so please be patient with me 😅 And hello to the community ☺️

PS. I left a comment on the Lamb recipe asking about adding water, but since I wanted to cook it so bad I couldn't wait for a response and just made it while adding water. Not sure if it was the correct way but it was a success anyway.

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12 months

Oh I see!! Thank you for your respond. 🤗Should have waited one more hour before cooking yesterday haha

Hari Ghotra
12 months

Welcome to the app @Anja I did respond to you question. This looks amazing looking forward to more of you posts!