Hell Hari, I hope you and yours are doing well. My wife picked up some thick poha the last time we were at the Indian market. But do you have a gu ood recipe for it? Thank you.


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Steve Beck
12 months

yes it really helps thank you very much

Hari Ghotra
12 months

Hi @Steve Beck Poha is great for a breakfast, snack or side dish. You can practically add anything you want to. Rinse in water until it’s soft and put to one side. Then in a pan toast some peanuts until golden and set to one side.
Add some oil, add mustard seeds and chopped onion. Sauté then add curry leaves and chillies. You can then add potatoes, carrots, peas any veg you fancy and cook till soft or just keep it plain and add the poha. Some people like to add a little sugar too.
Add turmeric, salt, toasted peanuts and stir. Put the lid on and steam for a few minutes until soft and cooked. Remove from heat and you can add coriander, coconut, lemon juice.
Does that help?