Happy Wednesday you lovely lot. I hope everyone is doing ok and keeping busy. So it’s out 19 Year wedding anniversary today and it got me thinking how do you guys celebrate special occasions. What is your ultimate celebration dinner?

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Nigel Bennett
about 1 month

Congrats. Our 33 rd Friday.

about 1 month

Belated happy anniversary.
For us we got married in July and invariably are away or on break.
So sun. Nice meal but this year with no travel. Things will be different.
I will choose a special meal.
From here.

Hari Ghotra
about 1 month

Thank you everyone for your wonderful warm kind wishes - I’m so touched. You are all amazing 😘

about 1 month

Congratulations to you both Hari. I’m on my second wife now. She embraced the ‘anniversary curry night out’ that I included in the prenuptial agreement! 😂😉

Elisabeth Johl
about 1 month


Steve Beck
about 1 month

rib roast twice baked potato and no bake cheese cake

about 1 month

happy anniversary Hari, I hope there will be many more to come.

about 1 month

Congratulations, Hari! I hope you are having a nice and happy day!!

about 1 month

Victor please

Terry Buck
about 1 month

Congratulations! We usually go out for a meal, but as it was lockdown we had something nice at home.

about 1 month

Congratulations to you both. I like to go to the local curry house, Café India in Weymouth to have a nice (and very cheap) meal.

about 1 month

Happy Anniversary to both of you.
Have a good day.🌷🥂

Zainab Johnston
about 1 month

Very pretty 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

about 1 month

Howdy from Texas and BIG Happy 19!!!

Andrew Cockburn
about 1 month

Happy Anniversary!!!

Arthur vdH
about 1 month

Happy anniversary @Hari Ghotra ! Just one year away from a full two decades!

about 1 month

Hello and a very happy anniversary. I am a newbie here and loving the recipes!

about 1 month

Happy Anniversary hope you have a lovely day celebrating 🍾🎉. It would have to be one of your recipes then mini pavlova.

Amanda Hughes
about 1 month

Happy Anniversary x

Juisse Games
about 1 month

Happy Hump Wednesday to you too!! AND a VERY Happy Anniversary! 19 Years is quite an accomplishment these days. I’m such a traditional lady that I pretty much spoil my hubby every day. For something special I pull out all the stops! But I try not doing it on the actual day so he doesn’t expect it. I like it to be a surprise. 🥰 Hope you had a wonderful day!