New to the app! Just wondering what your favourite recipes are! My has to be lamb Bhuna ❤️

I am following slimming world at the moment to try and ease into a healthier lifestyle. Any hints or tips would be appreciated 😁💪🏼 #slimmingworld #healthyfood

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Debbie Gorman
10 months

Hey Robyn, welcome to the Hari posse😄You look beautiful, goodluck with your healthy approach to food .

Hari Ghotra
10 months

Hi @Robyn Meek so fab to have you join us. All or most of my recipes can easily be modified to suit slimming world just shout if you need help always happy to advise and I’m sure there are many others who can help too.
Fav recipe? So many usually the new one I’m working on but love thari wala chicken and a Bhuna and tandoori and paneer and saag!