Own recipe Baked bean curry on toast for lunch and the Pineapple for Hari's Pineapple curry tomorrow. Looking forward to Friday Curry Club whatever the recipe!!

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6 days

I bet that was great @Steviewilcox spiced baked beans, love that idea

Hari Ghotra
8 days

Omg I used to do a spiced baked bean on toast at uni - haven’t done it for years. I think I put it in my lock down ebook too - looks ace @Steviewilcox

9 days

sounds great Debbie! I just had some chillies to use up and thought I'd go for it!!!

9 days

No Gary, Pineapple day was the day Hari posted the recipe but I couldn't get a Pineapple till today... only 75p in Sainsbury's!!

Debbie Gorman
9 days

Curried beans🤔i add brown sauce and grated cheese when I can get all 3 ingredients.

9 days

Steve, hi. The National Pineapple Day is tomorrow? So the Friday cooking class is tomorrow?