I’m working with British farmers to promote the use of lamb #makeitlamb and with a charity called Rackets cubed that promotes nutrition and sports for children in underprivileged areas. By teaming up with a few professionals Tennis players over this week (as it would have been Wimbledon) I’m playing virtual culinary matches against other chefs so we can provide food boxes to families that’s are struggling at the moment. Please get over to twittter and vote for my dish.

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Hari Ghotra
30 days

Have you voted?? Please do only a few hours to go!

Andy Hill
about 1 month

Currently 50/50 you got my vote Hari

Margaret Ravel
about 1 month

Well done. good luck. with your wonderful cooking you just got to win xxxxxxxx

sambo coyle
about 1 month

Don't know what salsify is so voting for you

about 1 month

Done. Good luck!

about 1 month

Voted ✅

about 1 month

Fab 👏👏👏