Here is an Asian inspired dish cooked by my youngest, who is in a chef school and will be 16 at the end of July. He’ll be throwing a party for 15 friends, and would like me to cook an Indian chicken curry for them.
We live in France and the French aren’t used to Indian food. Any ideas for the mildest form of a chicken curry, or one that a bunch of French teenagers would be likely to enjoy please?
Thanks in advance, all on here @Hari Ghotra 🙏🏽

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4 months

Thank you @Pam Naidoo - have just seen this! I ended up making Chicken Pasanda and they loved it. Fabby idea to cook Indian meals during English lessons; would’ve loved to have a teacher like you 🤗

Pam Naidoo
5 months

I live in France too and cook Indian meals with my students as part of their English lessons. I f you take out the green chilies, I've found that chicken tikka masala works well because it's also very tasty. And make lots of poppadoms....

5 months

Thank you so much @Hari Ghotra and @Gabi 🙏🏽

5 months

Wow, he's so talented. I always cook currys but I reduce the chili heat level, although I understand that's not authentically Indian. I guess a Korma would be a very good option as Hari says.

Hari Ghotra
5 months

Ohhh interesting @n.naisbiso
How about my easy chicken curry